Helpful Apps For Planning Your New Dwelling In Canterbury


Building a home from the ground up can be huge fun with heartwarming results. A new dwelling in Canterbury can also have some short term patches of anxiety when loads of decisions need to be made. Here are some helpful tools to axe the anxiety and dial up the design.

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New Dwelling Inspiration In Canterbury

Fair Dinkum to the rescue –  if you have a smartphone or an iPad, there are very helpful apps available to help you with design inspiration, renovation ideas, and so much more. They will save you time and make decisions easier.

Here is a shortlist of the popular ones. These should help get your new dwelling project started today!

Helpful New Dwelling App #1

Houzz is renowned for inspiration, and its app doesn’t disappoint. You can take different style and theme journeys through the large database of design styles, enticing concepts and beautiful products. The app is free, user friendly and helps by creating different rooms.

Helpful New Dwelling App #2

If it’s colour you are pondering, then Palette Cam might be the right free tool for you. It creates colour palettes and colour groupings using everyday inspiration. You can use the app to “grab” colours from your camera or saved pics and generate the exact HEX and RGB values for each shade – no more guessing. You can zoom right in when picking colours, so you get the right one every time. Great for finalising colour schemes, paint colours and textile choices.

Helpful New Dwelling App #3

At Fair Dinkum, we also have an app for you! It’s called the Fair Dinkum Sheds Designer App. We call the buildings sheds, but they are homes, sheds, businesses, and so much more. The app lets you:

  •  Design your own Shed
  •  Change the dimensions
  •  Add windows and doors
  •  Insert internal walls or open bays
  •  Choose your colour scheme
  •  Submit for a free quote

You can create your own customised spaces by changing the dimensions, changing the style of the architecture by playing with the roof pitch, going wild with colour schemes and styling your home, business or shed building with ease. You can add (or remove) skylights, insert windows where you would like them, add internal or external walls, sliding doors, roller doors, glass doors and personal access doors.

Then, when your amazing vision is transformed into a building in the app, submit it to us via the app, and you will be provided with a free quote. Now that is the height of convenience!

Your amazing creation will still have advanced engineering applied to it, and our professional design software, used by our design team, will flesh out the design. Our very talented designers will ensure your design is optimised for your unique site and in compliance with the Building Code of New Zealand.

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