The Difference Between Preplanned Production Homes and Custom Homes


When deciding to build your new dwelling in Canterbury, you might not be sure whether to choose custom home builders, production home builders or something in-between, semi-custom home builders. Let’s look at the benefits of each option.

Did you know we do all three at Fair Dinkum? Choose preplanned, fully customised or semi-customised home building options in Canterbury. Call to choose today.

Production Preplanned Home Builder Option In Canterbury

A production or preplanned home builder option is the process where a house design is pre-designed in the most efficient, most popular and cost-effective manner. These are used in large scale developments by large-volume homebuilders and one-off home builders. However, they are also used by homeowners who don’t want to spend months or years designing a home, don’t have extremely niche design needs, and prefer a fast, cost-effective construction project.

Production homes do have a variety of price points but generally offer home buyers great value and substantial cost savings. There is a significant reduction in the hassle factor as several plan choices and options are well designed by professionals and eliminate the stress of deciding on every square metre of the home. The stress of day-to-day building decisions is also removed. A lot of time is saved, and you can move in quicker.

Custom Home Builder Option In Canterbury

A custom home builder option is when a unique, highly personalised design and specification is used. Every element and every tiny detail is designed, sourced and built from scratch. This more complex process involves collaboration between:

  • The homeowner
  • The custom builders in Canterbury
  • The architect
  • The interior designer
  • The various trades (for turnkey design): plumbers, electricians, AV, kitchen manufacturer.

The plot that is purchased is usually a primary influence factor in the design and construction. Custom builders are generally believed to produce a higher quality of work with a better knowledge of the local environment. They will be more open to taking the time to discuss niche requirements and specialisations for your specific lifestyle.

Specialised customisations could include:

  • multiple alcoves in corridors for a collection of sculptures,
  • a two-person shower,
  • all bedrooms being made ensuite,
  • a home gym or
  • a specialised storage area or fitted room for an important hobby.

Custom homes offer choice and flexibility in almost every detail and element in the building process, from bricks to door hinges. A custom home builder will happily mix different styles requested of them and mould the design to client requests.

This flexibility and infinite diversity come at the cost of time and money. You will be dealing with thousands of extra decisions, which need to be made by various deadlines, or work will be delayed, and there is more room for error as you are building a prototype that no one has tested. Custom projects tend to have more scope creep (additions and changes), which contribute quickly to the overall cost.

Semi-Custom Home Builder Option In Canterbury

The Semi-custom home builder option is a hybrid of custom and preplanned. This is often arrived at by existing house plans being altered to meet unique lifestyle needs. It can also apply to a production home builder who:

  • is open to greater flexibility, or
  • has designed a diverse range of options, and
  • has a range of finishes to choose from.

This can give the homeowner a customised look and feel to the home, and the options offered are usually well thought through and well priced.

At Fair Dinkum, we offer preplanned, custom and semi-custom design options for your dream new build home in Canterbury. We have years of experience with all three ways of designing and have a huge portfolio to show you. Call today.

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