American Barn Style Homes In NZ – Benefits & Features

21 / 05 / 2023
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Barn-style homes are a contemporary interpretation of a rural, utilitarian structure that started gaining popularity fast pre-2000 Millennials sought a more free-flowing, simpler lifestyle. If you are considering an American barn-style home in NZ talk to our design team today and enjoy this article on the benefits and features of this style of home.

Features Of An American Barn-Style Home

This style of ‘house’ gains its beauty from the pure simplicity of the structure. It does not attempt to be a busy or ostentatious megalith mansion but by no means do you have to skip on luxury. Its understated lines and striking profile exude an elegant aesthetic and refined personal taste. A standard feature is its gable roof with windows or full glazing in the gable walls and large sliding doors on the long sides.

Benefits Of Barn-Style Living

Simplicity is the ethos of barn-style living and being closer to nature. Huge vista windows and side panels that easily slide open and let nature are two of the multiple benefits you get from American barn architecture. Add to this the environmentally friendly materials and building process and the popularity and resale value soars.

Barn-style doesn’t have to mean Luddite living. Your ‘new generation cottage’, as popularised by the architect Paul Ullman, can still be fitted with all the hi-tech aspects of life whilst maintaining minimalism.

Princely Panoramas

Contemporary designs have the large front facade (gable wall) of the barn fully glazed which enhances the inherent free-flowing feeling, spaciousness and closeness to nature. You remain connected with the outside world with panoramic views which deliver priceless biophilic design benefits.

Whilst carrying contemporary tweaks, the overall rural style is not lost through the clever choice of materials, integration of timber in the interior and naive profile.

Contemporary Adjusted Rustic Interior

Once inside your barn-style home, you are immersed in the grandeur of the proportions and the volume. Cladding the walls with timber panels not only conceals insulation but adds visual warmth while hinting at the architecture’s traditional history. The absence of concrete columns gives you huge interior design diversity and spaces can be simply zoned off with wooden screens or board walls. Let your imagination run wild and consider mobile divisions so that the interior can morph into your future lifestyle needs.

You can use stone or timber for your flooring accented with beautiful woollen rugs and comfy lounging cushions next to a fireplace. Scandi-style furniture complements this style of architecture as does Craft Style and mid-century modern.

One of the key elements to focus on is lighting. This often has less time spent on it than choosing a couch yet it has a profound transformative effect on interiors. Take the time carefully plan ambient, task and accent lighting to give your interior a layered effect with areas of interest.

Sound like the perfect home for you?

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