Design Your Own Shed

Get your shed designed your way with help from our expert team at Durasteel. Choose the size, style, colour, features, and more.

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Sheds Tailored to Your Requirements

Unique Steel Shed Designs

Design your own shed

Change the dimensions

Add windows and doors

Insert internal walls or open bays

Choose your colour scheme

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Download the FREE Durasteel Sheds Designer App to your smartphone, tablet or computer, and create your own customised shed, garage or carport design.

You can easily change the dimensions, roof pitch, colours and style of your shed, as well as add and remove skylights, windows, internal/external walls, sliding doors, roller doors, glass doors and personal access doors.

If you’d like us to provide you with a quote on your shed design, submit it to us via the App, and your local Durasteel distributor will provide you with a price. 

Ensure you insert our branch code, ZCAN, instead of your own postcode, and it will be sent directly to us, saving you valuable time.

The App doesn’t replace our designers’ advanced engineering and design software, but it’s a great tool to help you create a visual design that we can import into our engineering software. 

Once we have your shed design, our staff can move on to ensure your design is optimised for your site and engineered to comply with the New Zealand Building Code.

Shed Style


Roof Pitch