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Farm & Equestrian Sheds

Get a shed that can stand up to the tough weather conditions we get here in Christchurch, while being practical. We have options for all farming and equestrian applications.

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Farm Sheds and Buildings Canterbury New Zealand

Durable Farming Shed Solutions

You need cost-effective farm buildings for your Canterbury farm that meet your expectations. They should have the features you need, and you should be able to trust that they will be able to withstand the tough weather conditions that we face in this part of the world.

Our farm sheds meet all these expectations and more, so they are widely used in Canterbury, elsewhere in NZ, and in Australia.

When you come to us, you’ll get a farm building that meets your requirements, that is built using a tried and tested modular method with high-quality materials, and that will stand the test of time.

The farm sheds we offer in Canterbury, NZ, come in a wide range of styles and can be fully customised to your requirements. Whether you want a shed or building suitable for storing equipment, storing produce, using as stables, or anything else, we’ve got the solution.

The available customisation options include mixing closed and open bays and having sliding doors or roller doors – you can also add divider walls.

We’ll also customise the size and elements of the overall design and features like the foundations of the structure to ensure the shed we built stands the test of time.

At Durasteel, we have extensive experience designing and building sheds and barns for farms and rural properties. Our expert team will handle the entire process, from creating the designs and detailed plans to manufacturing the modular elements, installing the shed on your farm, and providing you with certified structural plans and other paperwork.

The quality of workmanship you can expect is exceptional. We’ve built more sheds and buildings on farms than we can count and have an excellent track record of success.

We go the extra mile to back this up further by providing industry-leading guarantees. This includes a 50-year guarantee on the structure of your new farm building as well as a 15-year guarantee on the cladding – you’ll get a five-year guarantee on our workmanship too.

In addition, our sheds and farm buildings comply with New Zealand standards and are ShedSafe Accredited.

Expertise, Service, and High-Quality Manufacture and Construction

Whether you are replacing a shed or building that is no longer fit for purpose or need to expand capacity on your farm or rural property, we’ve got the solution you are looking for at Durasteel.

We are a small, family-run business, so you can expect a personal level of service. We’ll handle all aspects of the design and installation of your new shed, and we’re reliable, delivering when we say we’ll deliver and keeping you up to date through each stage of the process.

To speak to a team member about your requirements, please contact us today.

FAQs About The Farm Sheds We Build In Canterbury, NZ

How do you design farm buildings in Canterbury?

At Durasteel, we have experienced designers who will develop a design for your farm building based on your requirements. We use high-quality materials in our designs for the structure of your shed to ensure maximum performance and strength. This approach is efficient and cost-effective and ensures you get what you want.

What customisation options are there for my new farm shed?

We can customise most elements of your shed’s design, delivering almost any feature you need, such as the mezzanine floor, divider walls, roller doors, sliding doors, windows, and more. Plus, we’ll design the shed according to your desired size and dimensions.

Will my farm shed come with a guarantee?

We stand by the materials we supply for farm sheds and buildings in Canterbury, NZ. All our sheds are supplied with a 50-year guarantee covering the structure and a 15-year guarantee covering the cladding. 

We also provide a five-year guarantee on our design workmanship. In short, our sheds are designed to be tough enough for New Zealand’s weather conditions, and they are designed to last; plus, if you have a contractor you prefer to work with, that’s no problem either.

Do your farm sheds comply with New Zealand standards?

Absolutely. In fact, the farm sheds we design in Canterbury exceed the minimum standards required in NZ, and they are ShedSafe Accredited.

What other contractors will I need to hire?

At Durasteel, we’ll create a custom design for your shed, and we’ll supply the materials. The materials we include in our designs are all carefully chosen to ensure they are strong and long-lasting – we’ll help you get consent too. 

We are not concrete or building contractors, but we can organise suitable contractors to complete the concrete and building work on your site, and our designers will oversee the entire process.

Will you help me obtain consent?

Yes, we’ll help with the consent process. This includes preparing all the plans for the new shed once you have decided on a final design, plus we’ll submit the consent application to the Council on your behalf.

Can you give me an estimate of how much my new shed will cost before I sign up?

Yes. When you make your initial enquiry, we’ll arrange a suitable date and time to meet at the location where you need the new shed to be built. Our main coverage area for the design of new farm buildings is the Canterbury region.

At the consultation meeting, we will find out more about your requirements and inspect the location, taking any height measurements we need. We’ll be able to use this information to organise pricing from contractors, and we will then provide you with a free, no-obligation estimate for the work.

What makes your farm sheds better than others in Canterbury?

We strive to ensure we deliver the highest quality farm shed designs on the market. For example, 33 per cent more steel goes into the sheds we design than many in the industry. We also include steel connectors in our designs – notoriously the weakest part of any shed – which are 50 per cent thicker than the industry standard.