Premium Shed Homes

Durasteel Homes use NZ industrial steel framing, giving our homes extreme structural strength, integrity, and affordability.

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Our Process

Durasteel offers among the strongest and most cost-effective housing in New Zealand

Using industrial steel framing with cladding options – whether you need a batch, first home, retirement home, or storage with living options.

Consented and built to a lock-up stage, including foundations. Our recommended L.B.P. will liaise with you throughout the building process.

Your electrician and plumber can complete their trades between completion and lock up. Then you or your builder to finish the internal fit-out – including kitchen and bathroom areas – or our trusted Licensed Builders can complete the entire job.


Our Process:

1) Enquire

Speak to our team to make an appointment to discuss your requirements.

2) Estimate

We will listen, help you select a design to suit your needs and provide a no-obligation estimate.

3) Confirmation of offer agreement

Once the final design has been reached, an agreement detailing your specifications is drawn up.

4) Consent application

We will prepare all plans for your consent application. These are submitted to the Council on your behalf.

5) Construction

The foundation and building contractors will begin your new home once you have the necessary consent approvals.


Get in Touch

Durasteel has a solution to suit all budgets and requirements. There is no such thing as a standard size – you name it – we’ve got it.

Let us help you design and build your dream building.


1 Bedroom Home

This timeless and stylish home and Shed Homes layout is available in seven different options to ensure you get the features and style that you need. Built with a steel frame, you can have confidence in the robustness of the structure.

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2 Bedroom Home

This affordable Shed Homes with a portico is designed in a sleep-out style that will increase the floor-space of your home at a lower cost than alternative options, such as building an extension.

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3 & 4 Bedroom Home

This high-quality steel structure home/dwelling has multiple high-end features, including wood cladding, multi-sliding doors, and a 15-degree pitch roof.

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Flat Roof Home

This is our largest and most feature-packed layout with large windows, multiple door entrances, and a pitched roof.

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1 Bedroom Dwelling Pod

A smaller footprint dwelling if you do not require a great amount of room in your pod.

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