Customising Your Farm Shed: Practical Tips for Meeting Your Agricultural Needs

23 / 04 / 2024
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When you are shopping around for farm sheds, there are a range of considerations that will come in to play to ensure that you get the shed that will best fit your requirements.

So, how can you ensure your farm sheds are able to accommodate your current commercial agricultural needs and your potential scalability in the future? The first step is to start with Durasteel

Read on as we chat about the styles, customisation options, size and overall design features on offer through our Canterbury onsite design and manufacture operations.

Commercial and Industrial Farm Sheds

Whether you are running a poultry, dairy or feedlot operation or are looking at accommodating stock, produce, or machinery, the idea is to address your need with robust and durable outbuildings that can flex to meet your seasonal needs and any plans to grow your business.

Commercial and industrial farm sheds, sheds for lifestyle blocks, and larger residential options for storing multiple road and leisure vehicles all need to start with quality construction, and there are a few factors you can evaluate to get you heading in the right direction when it comes to choosing the features that will produce the efficiencies you require. 

Think about things like:

Weather: If you are shopping for a shed for your Canterbury or South Island property, you will need to select a manufacturer that understands the extremes of the New Zealand climate. 

Farming Applications: Customisation decisions will need to be made to address what will be stored in your farm shed. From produce and machinery to your livestock and equestrian equipment, you need to know you are purchasing a farm shed that can protect your valuable assets.

Scalability: Select a provider that offers interior customisations like mezzanine floors and divider walls so that as your needs flex, your farm building can change to meet them.


Built Strong, Built to Last

When you have a commercial farming operation, you will likely need to be able to store produce when you harvest, and you will need to be able to run a packing operation within the structure. This means you must consider workflow, including accommodating ingress for all the heavy vehicles required to smoothly shift your stock from the paddock to the shed for stacking and loading into distribution vehicles. 

A Strong Foundation

Heavy traffic flow and commercial and industrial vehicles can take a toll on your foundations, so it is important to ensure that the supplier of your farm shed is knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to constructing foundations that align with New Zealand standards for this type of structure. Choose a company that can organise reputable contractors to complete the concrete work required so you have peace of mind when it comes to the ability of your shed to stand up to the level of traffic it will see across its lifetime.

Custom Features

Custom features ensure that your farm sheds are fit for purpose – this means different things to different people. Utilising a combination of open and closed bays is often desirable, where you might need airflow for hay bales but you need airtight storage facilities for grain storage. You should be able to choose the modular elements that work for you – including identifying the height, size and dimensions of your roller and sliding doors and the placement and functionality of any windows.

Future Proofing

If you feel like your commercial or industrial operation has growth potential, you should consider the future when you are ordering your farm shed. Durasteel uses in-house designers with years of experience who can advise you on the best way to maximise your potential with a farm shed that can handle an increase in productivity without seeing you make another sizeable outlay.

Choose Farm Sheds from Durasteel

When you choose the experts at Durasteel to supply your farm sheds you gain access to exceptional craftsmanship, intelligent design and materials that have been chosen to specifically meet the harsh New Zealand weather conditions.

Increased Peace of Mind

Alongside robust construction that is ShedSafe Accredited, our custom-designed farm sheds come with a five-year warranty on design, a 50-year warranty covering the structure, and our cladding comes with a 15-year warranty. This means that when you lock up your farm shed at the end of a busy workday, you can rest easy knowing you made the smart choice to protect your stock, produce, machinery and equipment against the weather – and anything else that wants to get in.

Consent Assistance

Along with top-tier quality and assistance with organising reputable contractors to carry out all the building and contracting work required to get you into your new farm shed, the Durasteel team also helps you get any consent you need. This service includes submitting the consent application to the relevant council for you.

Get in Touch

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