Factors To Consider When Looking For Sheds For Sale In NZ

21 / 05 / 2023
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Lean-To Sheds

Storage Sheds

Looking for sheds for sale in NZ? Read on to learn more about the advantages of having a lean-to shed or storage shed constructed to suit your specific needs.

Lean-To Sheds For Sale In NZ

Lean-tos are versatile sheds typically for agricultural, rural or commercial use, and they are the perfect storage solution to be used as animal shelters, garages, and other applications. They are constructed with four sides, one side higher than the others, resulting in a sloped roof.

The main advantage of the sloped roof is to reduce maintenance costs over time.  Flat roofed structures require more maintenance and are more prone to structural damage if not drained correctly. Sloped roofs are the best design for having precipitation such as snow and rain run right off.

Lean-to sheds can be fully enclosed with your choice of door (e.g. roller doors), or one side can be left fully or partially open to suit your application.

When constructing a lean-to, ask your expert builder for advice on the most suitable location for the foundations and the best orientation of the structure in terms of the prevailing wind direction.  Further guidance can be given to whether the structure is free-standing or abuts an existing building.

Storage Sheds For Sale In NZ

If you are currently hiring a self-storage unit or thinking of hiring one because you have many goods to store, you may want to consider building a storage solution on your property instead.  Storage units attract ongoing costs that add up over time.

Building a shed on your property is a winner when seeking sheds for sale in NZ that are more cost-effective storage solutions in the long term. When selecting the best configuration for a storage shed, consider the following features:

  • Versatility – storage sheds are designed and built to meet your specific requirements.
  • Customisation – having a shed built gives multiple options to customise the design, including the shape, size and finishes.
  • Quality – you can specify the quality required and choose tried and tested materials for the construction of your shed so that it will withstand harsh conditions and require less maintenance.
  • Compliance and warranties – ask your expert construction team about compliance with NZ safety standards and warranties.

Support local when looking for sheds for sale in NZ. Contact Fair Dinkum Sheds today.  We are a family-run and Kiwi-owned business that specialises in the design, engineering, supply and construction of quality sheds, lean-tos, barns, industrial buildings, carports and workshops.