How To Buy Sections When Hunting Properties For Sale In Canterbury

21 / 05 / 2023
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When searching for properties for sale in canterbury, most buyers only look at existing houses with the idea of correcting the house with phased renovations or one huge renovation at the beginning. This could mean a year or more of living with a renovation.

When you buy a section and build your house from scratch, you get exactly what you want and settle down from day 1. No dusty renovations or shoehorned designs.

Taking The Section Purchase Decision

Buying land and building might appear to be an overwhelming project to homeowners who have not gone that route before. Well, we’re here to tell you it is far easier than you think and definitely easier than a renovation – especially if you use a professional, certified, fast and super organised outfit like Durasteel.

If you plan your section purchase project and follow some basic steps you will add another layer of ease onto this simple project. And if you need our help with selections, give us a call and we can look at your section options and advise you on the pros and cons.

Preparing To Purchase A Section

Make a list of what this section needs to tick off of your “home wants” list. For example:

  • Do you have a favourite suburb?
  • How close should shops be?
  • Do need schools or clinics?
  • Will your family use public transport?
  • Sunny or shady preferences?
  • Sea views, mountain views or just a garden view?

Review Prices Per Area

Spend some time researching the price of sections in your shortlisted areas. This can be a combination of reading digital property platforms and property reports plus chatting to local real estate agents about the history of section sales in your favourite areas.

View The Section

When you have whittled down the options to a potential section purchase do not make an offer. It is highly recommended that you inspect the section with your architect or with a member of our team of architects or building managers.

Do a few visits on your own to the section: early, midday and evening and it would be helpful if you could view in sunny weather and immediately after rainy weather. Does it flood or get water clogged? Talk to some neighbours and get a feel for the area.

Does that sea view, bring blasting winds with it? How can your architect compensate for that? What about material choices? Being near sea air makes steel structures your best best.

Is it easy to access your section or do you need to use cranes, retaining structures and ramps?

Does the section have a steep elevation that needs lots of cutting into and retaining? And what is the quality of the neighbour’s property above yours on the slope? You don’t want their swimming pool sliding into your back garden.

When you have thoroughly checked the site with your supporting professionals you will be confident that you are buying the right spot. The next thing is to contact us for a fast quote and start building the beautiful, contemporary dream home!

Call us for advice when you are searching for properties for sale in Canterbury. We make the journey more pleasant. contact us. Ph 022 657 7525