Potential Uses for Self Storage Units Canterbury

06 / 06 / 2023
Blog Post


Need some convincing to invest in a self storage unit? Here are just a few potential uses!

Extra Garage

One of the greatest and most convenient aspects of a self storage unit is that it can act as an extra garage should you be in need of one. They have large garage doors that a regular car should be able to fit in easily, and it will protect your vehicle from adverse weather such as hail, storms, etc.

Store Equipment

If you live on a farm or a smallholding you’ll know that equipment needs to be stored properly to maintain its value.

Renting Out Your Home for a Period of Time

If you plan to rent out your home for a period of time and go travelling etc., you’re going to need a place to store your valuables and perhaps even your furniture if you plan to rent unfurnished. A self storage unit could be ideal! This means that your items are safe and close at hand for when you do return back home.

A Hobby Room

Certain hobbies can take up a lot more space than others, and oftentimes your spouse of significant other may not want you cluttering up the family home with the bits and bobs related to your hobby. This is where a self storage unit can be really ideal. Keep it as space to store your hobby-related, and enjoy your hobby with some peace and quite. A storage unit would be great for painting, model aeroplanes, and a lot more.


Collecting is one of those things that when you get into it, you just can’t stop. Just like the hobbyists, collectors may find that their items are not welcome in the main part of the house and they may need their own dedicated space to organise their collections.

The great thing about investing in a self storage unit in Canterbury is that they are extremely versatile and as your needs change as the years go by, you can adjust your storage unit to suit your needs accordingly.

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