Save Money For Your Business – Use Storage

06 / 06 / 2023
Blog Post


Airconditioned, office space is expensive per square metre, yet so many companies use prime office space to store tons of stuff, literally. Instead of squashing up desks or moving to new premises in Canterbury, move out the stored items to an onsite, super organised storage unit that is accessible 24/7, 365. Save money and your staff’s sense of humour.

What To Expect From Storage Unit Suppliers

When you have decided to move your merchandise, filing system, bulk stationery or spare furniture to an onsite storage solution, the next thing is to choose your storage unit construction supplier.

Here are some key features to expect from the company:

  • Versatility – their storage shed solutions should be highly versatile and be able to adapt to your business needs. From the location chosen for the unit to the unique features you need to be included in each unit, they must make sure all your business needs are met.
  • Bespoke design – the design team should be able to create a fully customised design, and the construction side of the business should be competent, willing and open to creating this bespoke design. Size, design and shape should all be willingly accepted with a clear span of up to 35 metres, i.e. no irritating columns in the way.
  • Durability – one man’s shed is another man’s crumpled steel in a storm. Your supplier’s shed (materials and construction) must be able to withstand the toughest conditions. No severe storm excuses. Ask for guarantees such as a 50-year warranty on the shed’s structure and a 15-year warranty on the cladding.
  • Quality – check the certification of the materials and ensure high-quality materials and manufacturing processes are used.
  • Compliant – the shed must be compliant with all relevant NZ safety standards.
  • Plans – you should expect to receive certified structural, to scale plans of your shed.

Storage Units & Self Storage Solutions in Canterbury

You can get large or small outdoor storage solutions that are of high quality, durable, and strong, from small hangers to more classic storage solutions. Your bespoke storage unit can have features such as:

  • Customised storage foundations.
  • Mezzanine floors that are load-bearing.
  • Multiple bays with varied sizes for a diversity of stock, equipment or manufacturing processes.
  • Firewalls for storage of critical documents or chemicals.
  • Large access doors for machinery, ventilation or servicing of manufacturing equipment.
  • A range of finish colours to suit your brand visual language.

Your new storage shed is just a call away. Call one of our team to discuss your requirements and to meet you for an on-site consultation.