Some of the Options You Have to You When Building a New Home in Canterbury

06 / 06 / 2023
Blog Post


Are you looking to have a new home built in Canterbury? There are a few important decisions that you’ll have to make, which are not easy as you have so many options available to you.

As new home builders in Canterbury, we know a lot of the ins, outs, and decisions that you’ll have to make when building a new home! It can be a very stressful process but if you are prepared some of this stress can be alleviated.

Building Contractors

One of the most important decisions that you’ll make when it comes to your new home in Canterbury is the building contractors. You want to choose contractors that are reliable and that have a good reputation within the community. Take your time when choosing builders, and ask your friends for recommendations. The last thing you want is to get scammed.


The Canterbury area is truly beautiful and there are a number of stunning options when it comes to deciding on the location of your home. That being said, plots can be quite pricey and it may be challenging to find a plot that suits all your needs.


When choosing the material for your home, you truly have a lot of options available to you. Most modern homes comprise an assortment of different materials such as bricks, cement, glass, etc. Here at Durasteel we specialise in steel structures as steel has so many wonderful benefits to offer home owners including:

  • Durability
  • Time effectiveness
  • Affordability
  • Non-combustion
  • And more!

Predesigned vs Custom

Predesigned homes have the advantage of being more affordable and quicker erect, while custom homes offer you all the customisations that you’ve ever dreamt of in a new home.

Here at Durasteel, we offer you both options. We have a wide range of pre designed homes that would suit a variety of homeowners, but we are also happy to build completely customised homes to suit your specific needs.


When it comes to new homes in Canterbury, budget is one of the most important considerations. You should have all of your finances in check and have a realistic idea of what you can spend on your new home.

Are you looking for trustworthy builders to build your new home for you in Canterbury? Get in touch with the professional team at Durasteel today on 022 657 7525 or 0800 729 555. We’d love to be a part of your home building journey.