The Journey To New Homes, Canterbury

21 / 05 / 2023
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Buying a home can seem overwhelming and don’t feel alone – there are a lot of boxes to tick, plans to make and ideas to distil. Working with an experienced organisation that you feel comfortable with will make the journey exponentially more enjoyable. Here is our high-level guide to help you start taking the first exciting steps.

The Summary List

  1. It is helpful if you can surround yourself with “support crew” – casual and professional. Find an appropriate lawyer, property insurer, mortgage supplier (or advisor) and property inspector. Then add friends to the mix who have made successful property purchases.
  2. Get to grips with your financial situation and sort out approval from your mortgage supplier.
  3. Set aside dedicated time slots for property research so you can build an informed mental database to support good decision making.
  4. Be sure you fully understand the method of sale for a property before working on an offer for it. Your lawyer would be your go-to person on this.
  5. Nominate your settlement day and ensure a pre-settlement inspection takes place. Be absolutely certain all your finances and insurance are 100 per cent in order prior to key handover and physically occupying the property.

The Buying Thought

Your first buying journey phase is to plan, organise and be prepared. Write down your new home goals, chat with friends and lean on your circle of professionals for advice on what needs to be done and your financial parameters.

The Property Search

Property research takes time and there is no substitute for good research. Get to grips with the methods of sale and different ownership types and talk to experienced people about risks to watch out for.

The Big Offer Or Deal Negotiation

You will need to offer or negotiate differently depending on the type of property and method of sale. Buying a new home that you are constructing or a house and land package is a much simpler process and greatly biased in your favour. You don’t have to worry about counter-bids, unseen risks in an existing building, post-purchase renovations and seller haggling.

When buying an existing property, you could run into a bidding war with another interested buyer. Ensure your lawyer has confirmed that you are bidding with the actual property titleholder.

Settlement And Occupation

Get advice from your lawyer regarding the settlement process and have the pre-settlement inspection preplanned. Don’t rush this inspection, it can save you tens of thousands of dollars.

Be sure you understand what the process is before taking occupation and make sure there are no extra costs being incurred if you move in on your nominated date (i.e.if it is before settlement date).

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