Top 5 Reasons To Build A Bach Canterbury

21 / 05 / 2023
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Having a bach by the beach can seem like a distant dream, in the realm of the very wealthy or those with thick skins to cope with tradies. It doesn’t have to be that inaccessible or difficult.

The majority of people who have holiday homes use them extensively, love them and benefit from them. Read about the 5 main reasons you should build a bach in Canterbury.

Long-Term Return On Investment (R.O.I.)

Property prices have increased for Canterbury established properties but new builds have an even greater value. The volume of sales has increased by over eleven per cent and pricing and volumes don’t look like they will be slowing down.

New Zealand has become a popular international destination for immigration and this is also pushing up the demand for housing.

Interest rates are favourable and mortgages are easier to come by. It’s a great time to build a bach to use and rent out when you are not using it. This brings us to the next point.

Bach Canterbury Rental Income

Building a cost-effective back Canterbury not only gives you an excellent R.O.I., it also gives you passive income. Platforms like Bookabach have made renting out your holiday home far easier. Short-term rentals can deliver excellent returns that outperform long-term rentals.

Relationship Building

A holiday home can strengthen family relationships as well as business relationships if you offer it out for use. It is a powerful arrow to have in your quiver to offer to clients or important suppliers, either to join you there or for them to go independently.

It can also be used as an incentive to staff e.g. “win a paid holiday accommodation away for your whole family”.

It’s not only employees that can see your relationship as exceptional due to exclusive access to your holiday home but also clients/customers.

Business use of the back may hold tax efficiencies for you as well – check with your accountant.

Affordable Bach Holidays

It is without a doubt that you will log financial savings, investment benefits and relationship benefits from this bach canterbury property. You will also add affordable holidays to that list and a whole bunch of convenience. You won’t have to stay in hotels, pay hotel rates, be restricted to hotel availability dates and be surrounded by strangers. Any holiday equipment can be stored in the holiday home, you can enjoy your own home comforts and walk around the home in your underwear if you want.

The upfront cost might seem big but it repays you very quickly over the years.

Local Experts

Dealing with tradies is not everyone’s cuppa and if you are not in the building trade then everything is an “unexpected”. Using an organisation like Durasteel means that you get local experts, who control the tradies, design the home with you and deliver a hassle-free holiday home. In addition, with Durasteel’s finely-honed building efficiencies, you get a super-affordable holiday home as well!

Whether it’s house only or land and bach Canterbury packages, Durasteel has a holiday home solution for you!  contact us. Ph 022 657 7525