Which Costs Less: A Renovation Or New Houses For Sale Canterbury?

21 / 05 / 2023
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If you are in the market for a new home you might be one of many debating the question: should we renovate our existing home, buy another and renovate it or look at new houses for sale, Canterbury?

There isn’t an immediate answer nor a standard answer as each option has hundreds of variables in costs, needs, risks and more. Here are our top tips to help you choose.

Questions For New Houses For Sale Decision Making

To help you refine your shortlist, work through these helpful questions:

  • What location do you want?
  • What architectural style do you want?
  • Do you have non-negotiable home feature needs? E.g. Timber floors.
  • Do you have a lot of time for scouting the market or a demolition & renovation project? Or do you want a clear-cut design and time-effective build?
  • When do you want to move in?
  • What budget do you want to allocate? Does the total amount have a hard cap?

Let’s get an overview of the options now.

Renovating An Existing Or Buying And Renovating

Talk to your preferred building contractor and ask them what they charged for renovation projects and the square metres that were affected by that renovation. Single room renovations (e.g. garage or kitchen) could cost $5,000, $70,000 or $120,000 (kitchen). Full renovations can range from $250,000 to $7,000,000.

Such a diverse price range makes it impossible to pin things down in financial factors.

Renovations do give you location control but the footprint is a restriction and hidden surprises are common.

Choosing New Houses For Sale Canterbury

So, what are the pros and cons of choosing new houses for sale, Canterbury?

Depending on the design, size and specifications, a newly built home can cost an average of $340,000 excluding land, finance fees, etc. A steel frame, contemporary dwelling [insert hyperlink to dwelling page] or barn style [insert hyperlink to barn page] will be a very affordable new house for sale option!

The best way to cost your new house is to send a full list of specifications to a builder and ask them for a quote. A general builder in the market could quote in two weeks but at Fair Dinkum we will quote within the same day.

To build new houses in Canterbury you will need to purchase the plot or purchase an existing house with plot and demolish. A plot connected to water and electricity saves on budget.

You will need building permits, inspections and certifications as well.


Custom designed new houses for sale in Canterbury take six months to one year to build. Durasteel’s Fair Dinkum project methodology gives you a new house build that is measured in weeks. The longer the build, the greater the cost which is why Durasteel’s new houses for sale, Canterbury, are so affordable. The material is affordable and good looking, fewer labourers are involved, the build time is fast and the professional needs are far less.

You can also get EXACTLY the design that you wanted!

For cost-effective, perfect new houses for sale, Canterbury, contact our talented team of home designers today!