Why Invest in Steel Frame Housing?

06 / 06 / 2023
Blog Post


When you are looking to build a home, you have so many options available to you in terms of materials. There’s glass, bricks, timber, cement, and many more options, with most modern homes comprising a variety of different materials. But have you considered steel frame housing?

Here at Durasteel, we are professional home builders in Canterbury and one of our specialities is constructing low cost, steel frame housing. Over the years we have seen the many benefits that this type of housing can offer our valued clients.

So why should you opt for steel frame housing by home builders in Canterbury?

Erected Faster

If time efficiency is something that is important to you, then steel frame homes should definitely be a good option for you. These types of structures are known to be erected 30% faster than other homes of a similar size. As professional home builders in Canterbury we can definitely attest to this. While we never rush the process, it is definitely a lot faster putting steel framed homes up than other homes.


Here at Durasteel, our home builders in Canterbury have specifically created ways in which to provide low cost housing in the area using steel frames and relevant materials. The material itself is affordable and the time efficiency involved in erection means lower labour costs. If you are looking to build a home on a budget, this may be a great option for you.


Unlike most other materials that are used in home construction, steel is eco-friendly. This is because steel is completely recyclable making it a more and more popular material choice for eco-conscious consumers.


There is a reason that our home builder company in Canterbury is called Durasteel. Steel is an exceptionally durable material that can be relied on to hold its shape. It is dimensionally stable and does not expand or contract, making it a very reliable and trustworthy material. These homes require very little maintenance.


Yet another reason why it is a good idea to invest in a steel framed home is the fact that steel is non-combustible, which means that your home won’t burn down in the case of an accidental fire.

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