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The Affordable Housing Solution in Canterbury

There is a need for more affordable housing in Canterbury. The big question is, how do we build the houses that we need at a price that people can afford? The same applies if you want to build your own home. You may have the land that you want to build on, but find the construction costs are too high. Maybe you can build your home but have to compromise on what you want in order to keep costs within your budget.

At Durasteel, we specialise in providing cost-effective housing in Canterbury. We do this by taking a unique approach that differs from traditional building methods.

We design and manufacture steel-framed houses here at Durasteel. Our houses are very strong and structurally secure because of the products we use, our design approach, and the fact our houses are steel-framed. The fact we use up to 33 percent more steel than some other steel frame building manufacturers gives you an indication of the quality we look to achieve.

In terms of design, we have off-the-shelf options available. However, we can also facilitate custom-designed houses according to the needs of our clients. We even have a tool on our website that lets users create their own designs.

What about the price? The exact price depends on the size of the structure and the features that are being included, but the homes and dwellings that we are involved in are considerably cheaper than other new build properties as well as existing housing in the Canterbury area. Contact us for house & land packages!




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How We Help Construct Low-Cost Housing in Canterbury NZ

We have delivered low-cost housing solutions to a wide range of customers in the Canterbury area. This includes everything from family homes to granny flats to retirement properties.

The process starts with the design phase, where we find out what the customer wants in their new home. Some customers choose to use one of our off-the-shelf designs to get the process moving faster and to push costs down further.

Other customers use an off-the-shelf design but ask us to assist in the customisation of it, then there are those who want a fully custom-made home.

Once we have the design, we get quotes from third-party builders and concrete contractors for the on-site elements of the project. We don’t complete these stages ourselves, but we do have a carefully selected group of contractors and builders that we work with.

We then provide our customers with a full quote for the work. Once that is agreed, full plans are drawn up and submitted to the Council for approval. Once approved, we can begin the pre-manufacturing process to ensure we are ordering exactly what was wanted.

While the manufacturing of all materials is underway, the concrete contractor gets to work on site.

The manufactured elements of the house are then shipped to the site for the builder to complete the construction work.

Cost-Effective Housing Solutions in Canterbury

If you want to build a new home and are looking for cost-effective new build housing solutions in Canterbury, we can help. Get in touch with us today by calling 03 379 6195 to speak to a member of our team about your requirements.

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