New cost-effective house builder’s launch


Building a new home in New Zealand is a costly business. Particularly with the residential market running so hot at present and for the foreseeable future. While many of the materials used have evolved and improved over the years, the methods used to build new houses haven’t changed much at all. This situation leaves prospective new-build homeowners with very few options.

Those options are not great, either. Using traditional building techniques, if the design and features that you want end up outside your budget, you have no choice but to compromise, changing the materials used, the size of the house, or the features. It is not ideal.

There is a new solution, however, a new way of building homes that lets new home builders get more for their money.

Introducing Durasteel Homes

Durasteel Homes is a new company launched by Durasteel Structures that design and manufacture steel framed buildings, including sheds, barns, industrial units, commercial buildings, garages, and more. They have built, supplied materials and consultation for many homes in Canterbury, and they have a significant reputation for building very structurally secure, attractive, and feature-packed buildings.

Durasteel Homes takes the principles from Fair Dinkum Sheds and Durasteel Structures and applies them to the new home building industry, offering a realistic and highly cost-effective alternative for anyone wanting to build their own home.

The Difference Between Durasteel Homes and Traditional Home Construction Methods

There is a considerable difference between the way we design homes here at Durasteel Homes, compared to the traditional methods used in construction. In fact, we are not even builders. Instead, we are designers and manufacturers of steel-framed houses.

The process starts with the design phase, where our in-house designers will work with you to create the design for your new house. We have off-the-shelf designs you can choose from, or we can create a fully customised design.

Once you are happy with the design, we’ll put together a quote. This quote will include the costs of an approved third-party builder and concrete contractor, both of which we will identify to ensure there is minimal hassle for you.

We then have a pre-manufacture meeting before ordering the materials for your home. At that meeting, we cover off plans and all general materials to ensure, our clients expectations are met and hopefully exceeded!

Whilst the manufacturing is taking place, which takes several weeks, our contractors can be breaking ground, right through to completing the foundation and slab, in readiness for the arrival of the materials to start the construction phase.

All the manufacturing work takes place in New Zealand. We use high-quality components to ensure a high-quality build. And whilst we utilise mainly steel materials and componentry, we do have the option to use timber infill walls between the columns of these structures, which has been successfully done on many structures we have already completed.

The approach to new home building above is significantly less expensive than traditional building methods. In addition we are a small company with fewer over heads than many tradition home build companies, and we pass all those savings onto our customers. For us, steel-framed homes are the future of cost-effective house building in New Zealand.

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