The Benefits of House and Land Packages in Canterbury

06 / 06 / 2023
Blog Post


When you’re looking to invest in property, one of the options that you have available to you are house and land packages. While you may be interested in already established apartments or houses, the benefits that house and land packages in Canterbury offer are really undeniable. As well respected new home builders in the area, we know all about some of the benefits that you can expect.

Choose Your Block and Your Design

When investing in a house and land package in Canterbury you get to choose the block that is most suitable to you in terms of space, layout, natural surroundings, location etc, as well as the design of your home. Some home builders may offer custom builds while some may offer a choice of pre-designs as part of the house and land package. This gives you a lot more control of where you’ll live and how you’ll live.

Enjoy a Brand New Home

Brand new homes usually come with a lot less issues than older homes, so there will also be a lot less maintenance involved. A brand new home is also more likely to appeal to quality tenants if you are looking to rent the property out.


When you make use of a house and land package you are more likely to get a lot more bang for your buck if you were to seek out a lot and then only seek out a builder, or go for an already established home. You’ll also enjoy the benefits of depreciation tax benefits and more.

One cannot discuss house and land packages in Canterbury without discussing the downsides. Obviously it may take time to find the lot that you like, and building a new property takes a lot of patience on the part of the homeowner.

Durasteel’s House and Land Packages in Canterbury

Here at Durasteel we offer a number of house and land options in Canterbury for your convenience. If you are a new buyer we can help guide you through the entire process and get a good idea of what it is that you are looking for. Our speciality is steel and we create steel barns, sheds, and homes with steel and related materials.

Have you been looking for house and land packages in Canterbury? Get in touch with the expert team at Durasteel today. We’d love to help you find the ideal house and land package for your needs.